Visiting the Farm

City Boy Farms Friends and Family Bed and Breakfast opened three weeks after the City Boy and Country Girl took possession of the property on June 1, 2010.

The Country Girl’s oldest nephew, wife and two children were quickly joined by two young men, and the younger nephew. That influx was followed by two young ladies, shortly after one set of parents joined the incursion.

From those auspicious beginnings, City Boy Farms has welcomed friends and family regularly. The first review came from the 2010 holiday season when the City Boy’s family from Connecticut and Maryland celebrated New Year’s Eve in the country (yes, we all made it to midnight!). Friends and Family have been raving ever since!

Guests allowed: If you have received or been promised any information on City Boy Farms from the City Boy or the Country Girl, you are a friend and will be given a reservation.

If you know you are family, or we do, you are welcome with or without a reservation.

Expectations: It is anticipated that guests will act as such while making themselves at home. “Ask forgiveness not permission”—do what needs to be done to make your stay relaxing and comfortable.

If you have special food needs or are allergic to animals, please bring appropriate relief.
Contributions of food, libations and entertainment are gladly accepted.

Help in the farm activities is strongly encouraged; level of involvement is extremely flexible. Long, rambling or vigorous walks, weeding, path and brush clearing, limb piling are always available. Vegetable gardening is also an option, with couch potatoes welcome in the theater room.

There are weekends when the Country Girl seeks participation in extreme cooking adventures where all participants take home fruits of the labor.

The City Boy has weekend (and mid-week) golf “invitationals”; participants enjoy one of two local golf courses.

Rave Reviews (We destroy all negative reviews and those that aren’t raving about something!)
An oasis in the rural area near Louisa, Virginia—City Boy Farms—Sarah MacLeod and Marshall Filler have created an environment where style is married to comfort, and sustainability to luxury. From the high-ceiling stylish comfortable great room with unbeatable views, to the fully equipped, warm country kitchen with adjoining cherry dining table, care has been meticulously taken to provide the couple and their guests with a clean, uncluttered look with beautifully chosen rugs and furnishings. Guest rooms with attractive furnishings and quilts and comfortable bedding ensure a good night’s sleep. Sarah and Marshall will graciously lead walks around the outbuildings and property, or take one to the nearby towns of Louisa and Charlottesville for craft shopping and stylish boutiques. Breakfast (and other meals as needed/requested in advance) is prepared according to the wishes of the guest, strong coffee is brewed by Marshall, and quiet but gracious hospitality reign throughout. For those less inclined to enjoy farm country, a theater room is available to entertain. Make your reservations early! This new B&B is bound to be a hit, especially once the organically-raised chickens, beef and vegetables appear!

City Boy B&B Lives Up to Reviews!
Sarah, Marshall—Just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed our visit (and the leftovers we took home!). We had the cassoulet for dinner on Tuesday and it was just as good if not better. I can see why you fell in love with the property—can’t wait to see the way you develop it in the coming years. Thanks so very much for inviting us and apologies again about the mishap with the toilet.
Fond regards

Thanks for a wonderful weekend!
Thank you City Boy and Country Girl for a most enjoyable weekend out on the farm!  From the moment we arrived, you both went out of your way to make us feel relaxed and at home.  Your special touches throughout the weekend, from the pitcher of ice water waiting for us in our room, to the “happy hour” cheese and crackers enjoyed daily made our trip a memorable experience.  It was an especially delightful treat to be served a delicious ahi tuna dinner impeccably grilled by City Boy himself!  Sipping after dinner cocktails and watching the sunset on the veranda was an opportunity not to be missed.

The accommodations were both spacious and inviting.  Our room was in a secluded section of the farm house, and our private entrance was ideal for pet owners (or late night party goers). And to top it off, we especially enjoyed our bountiful picnic lunch for the road, which was the perfect ending to Country Girl’s weekend of culinary deliciousness.  
Michael and Jaime of Atlanta